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Biography / Biographía

Hailing from strong Afro-Caribbean and Latinx roots, Dio Aldridge, pronouns he/él is a Blatinx Trans man born in Limon, Costa Rica and raised in Southern California. Growing up in the household of a Baptist minister and Social Worker proved to be formative in shaping his passion and work in community building, engagement, education and art. Dio finds his intersecting experiences of race, class, gender, religion, and immigration as being central to how he moves through the world and enacts his personhood. Dio graduated from UC, Santa Barbara’s Black Studies program, and it was here that Dio began his journey of understanding the complexity of identity on a public policy and structural level. Following his undergraduate career, he served as the LGBTQ Community Coordinator and later became the Assistant Director and Africana Community Coordinator of the Multicultural Resource Center at Oberlin College & Conservatory. 

Dio currently serves as the Special Assistant to the Dean and Provost for Diversity Equity and Inclusion at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). At SAIC, Dio works initiating and collaborating on institution-wide and Department/Area specific workshops and initiatives that engage informative conversation and skill building around equity, access and inclusion. These audiences include Faculty, Catering/Dining Staff, Security, Staff and Students.

Dio continues to serve in direct community efforts through his role as 1 of 3 Co-Director's the LGBTQIA+ Center in Lansing, Michigan. In 2019, Dio founded Chosen Lifestyle Properties (CLP), LLC. CLP provides living spaces for individuals who may not qualify for housing due to socio-economic status, homelessness, and/or gender/lgbtqia+ identity. 


Dio is currently pursuing Dual Masters in Social Work and a Masters of Arts in Social Justice degrees from Loyola University Chicago with a specialization in Leadership and Development in Social Services. 

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