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7 Day Retreat in Jaco & Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Chosen Collective, Reset-Retreat 

August 12th - August 18th , 2021




Chosen Collective Reset Retreats is a travel space for folks of color, and/or LGBTQIA+ folks, who are artists, administrators, advocates, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and/or those with aspirations to be. Chosen Collective organizes two yearly trips to Costa Rica with the purpose of relaxation, connection, exploration, and getting prepared to take on the transformative work ahead.


"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” --Audre Lorde. As we engage in this work, it is important that those who occupy the margins while simultaneously in advocacy and leadership roles take time to rejuvenate, set intentions, explore, and connect with supportive community members. We envision a world where we can rest; but that ultimately that rest and preservation from racial, sexual, and/or gender based violence is no longer needed.

Organizational Goals

As we grow we set the intention of bringing more economic and tourist opportunities for small businesses in the Limón/Puerto Viejo Area. These lands belong to the Bribri Indigenous people and are where a large population of Jamaicans migrated and whose labor was exploited to build the railroads, banana plantations, and cocoa farms. This is also where Marcus Garvey, Black Nationalist Leader, came to organize the “Back to Africa” movement and where the meeting space and building “Black Star Line” was constructed. Limón has been systemically disinvested in despite being Costa Rica's major port. We hope to encourage more economic opportunities and continuously highlight the beauty of the Limón province. "Lo mejor de Limón es su gente."

Fundraising for 3 all expenses paid spots!

Help Power the Artist

Our fundraising goal of $5,000 will allow for 3 folks to attend free of cost. These spaces are designated for those doing direct service community work in the areas of racial justice, LGBTQIA+ equity, health access, food access, arts access, mentorship, and education. 2 spaces for Costa Rican's and 1 for a U.S. based individudal


Chosen, Reset-Retreat Package Includes:

  • 7 Day Trip Exploring 2 Costa Rican cities (Jaco & Manuel Antonio)

  • 3.5 and 4 Star Hotel Accommodations:

    • Hotel Palma Verde in Jaco. This hotel has been newly renovated and we will be the first guests

    • Hotel Villas Lirio in Manuel Antonio

  • Airport Pickup and Drop Off

    • Arrival and drop off packages include pastries from Black-woman owned business, Shugaa Place

  • Excursions & Tours

    • Jaco Beach

    • Tres Piscinas Waterfalls

    • Playa Las Gemelas

    • Manuel Antonio National Park Tour & Hike

    • Canopy & Ziplining Experience

  • Daily chauffeured transportation to and from excursions

  • 3 Meals a Day + Alcoholic Beverages

  • Cost of COVID-19 Test and transportation for testing

    • Testing mandatory for return to U.S.

  • 3 Souvenir Items

*We don't know who this Black man is, but the internet needs more stock photos of Black and Brown folks ziplining #retreatgoals


See Pricing Below:

  • Retreat + Flight

    Single Occupancy
    Valid for one month
    • Flight
    • Health Pass Completion
    • Insurance Verification
    • Reset Retreat
  • Retreat + Flight

    Double Occupancy
    Valid for one month
    • Flight
    • Health Pass Completion
    • Insurance Verification
    • Reset Retreat
  • Reset Retreat

    Book Your Own Flight, Single Occupancy
    Valid for one month
    • Reset Retreat
  • Reset Retreat

    Double Occupancy
    Valid for one month
    • Book Your Own Flight
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Trip Access Information

  • Tres Piscinas Waterfalls 0.49 miles/800 meters walk, slight steepness but overall flat ground. 

  • Manuel Antonio National Park Hike and Tour 0.36 miles/580 meters, paved, and has some a steeper section. 

  • Transportation Buses with 3 steps to enter. Wheelchair accessibility can be arranged. 

  • Hotels Palma Verde, 2 story hotel that does not have an elevator. If you need/prefer a 1st-floor room, let us know!

  • Casa Robles, 3 story hotel with elevator access  3 steps to enter the dining area ramp access to check-in/main area