Workshop Facilitation & Consultation


For over 8 years, I have been actively curating spaces that nurture personal, intellectual, and community building through a lens of justice and equity. l have developed a passion for understanding the nuances of how identity impacts social, educational, and organizational spaces and how we can all work to unlearn socialized behaviors and beliefs. Unlearning and moving towards building a community of trust, communication, and accountability is a passion I have been able to realize in my professional practice.

I have provided consulting and facilitated workshops for a variety of audiences and institutions which have included: churches, security officer teams, museum docents, service organizations, varsity teams and coaching staff. My skillsets and wide range of experiences with diverse audiences allow me the ability to connect and work with individuals and organizations in almost any setting.


     Workshop Facilitation & Keynotes

These are some of the workshops I have developed and facilitated. Each workshop or keynote is tailored to the needs of the organization and/or audience:

Facilitated Workshops

  • LGBTQ 101: let’s get this straight (or not really) 

  • Privilege, Power & Oppression

  • Inclusive Hiring Practices 

  • Navigating Self-Care in a Wild World 

  • It’s Intersectional: Developing Supportive spaces for Transgender People of Color

  • Deciphering DACA

  • Beyond the Room of Silence: Engaging Social Identity & Experience in Artistic Critique

  • Inclusive Praise: Actualizing gender Inclusivity in spaces of worship

  • It's Possible: Trans Inclusive Sports Culture

  • Communication for an Anxious Mind: Cultivating Accessible Dialogue Spaces 

  • Our Team: Building an Inclusive Organizational Culture

 Keynotes & Lectures

  • PK to LGBTQ: Growing up as Pastors Kid

  • Black, Trans & Gifted: My Educational Journey

  • Soy de Limon: Understanding Black Pride in Costa Rica

  • We Needed Both: Understanding the Ideologies of Malcolm X and MLK

Community Dialogue & Feedback Spaces

  • Holding Space for Specific Identity Groups ( ie. Black, QTPOC, LGBTQ, Latinx). The space is curated depending on needs and concerns. 

  • Rupture: Moving Through Community Pain

  • How do WE heal? 

  • Feedback Gathering & Implementation Plan